10 Ways to Make Your Move Less Stressful

October 11, 2021

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You have a date for your move you know what you need to do for your move, but you are still feeling the stress of your move. That is understandable! Moving is ranked as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. And if you look at the stats that show that the average person moves 11 times in their life...that makes for a series of stressful moves that you may not be looking forward to having. The key when moving is to look for ways to make your move less stressful. Luckily, we have the top ten ways that people are enjoying a stress-free move!

Top 10 Methods To Make Your Move Less Stressful

1. Get professional help.

This is the best tip to help you lower your stress level when it comes time to move. Here at American Moving, not only can we handle the physical moving of your items to your new home, but we have full-service professional packers that can also come into your home and pack this up, ready to go. We take away all the hard work that is associated with moving, which greatly lowers your stress!

2. Have an organized moving plan.

Having a moving plan that outlines what you need to do, what needs to be packed, items to be donated, and other items ensures that you are more organized. No one wants to feel like they are running from here to there and not getting anything done...a moving plan ensures you have a plan of attack.

3. Design room-by-room checklists for moving.

Once you have your moving plan, take this plan and create checklists for each room. This will give you something tangible to check off and keep you on target for your moving date.

4. Don’t forget to take some downtime.

There is nothing worse than feeling as though you have to be packing on the hours that you are not working or doing something else. This can lead to burnout that is going to lead to even more stress. Factor in some downtime, even if this is nothing more than ordering dinner on nights that you are packing!

5. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep.

It can be tempting to work until the early hours of the morning, sleep for a few hours, and get back to it. But, this increases your stress level and can lead to tons of accidents and injuries. Sleep is not something that you need to sacrifice when you are moving.

6. Consider moving on an unpopular day.

How will this help your stress? Unpopular moving days are often going to give you more affordable rates and let’s face it, part of the stress of moving is the expense that comes with doing this.

7. Create a labeling system for your goods.

Labeling properly takes more time when packing, but it is a must-do for your move! Take the extra time to label these boxes so that when you unpack, your stress levels are not going to skyrocket.

8. Use packing hacks out there to make things easier.

If you google packing hacks, you are going to find tons of things to consider. These are hacks meant to make it easier to pack your items and lower your stress. And if you don’t want to take the time to search these hacks yourself, then be sure to follow us on social media for tips and hacks that you can use!

9. Be prepared for what moving entails.

One of the best ways to make your move less stressful, you are going to find that if you are prepared for what moving will entail, you will handle it better. You need to accept that weather could be an issue, that without proper planning, the move is going to be less than great. Basically, have a sit down with yourself, and get your mind in the right position.

10. Start small.

When you are packing up your home for a move and have opted to do this on your own, then start small. This is a great tip that is going to help you keep your patience and help to manage your expectations.

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