Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?

February 11, 2020

Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?a grey background with a white square and a black square
Moving And Storage Of Moving Boxes

When you are done moving, when you have unpacked all the boxes and bags that you used for the moving process and your new place is neat and orderly, you are surely wondering what to do with your moving boxes. Many of them are probably in good condition, still useful, offering sturdiness and safety for anything that you might need to pack. The problem is that you probably have no intention to pack anything anytime soon, so the question remains: what can you do with those boxes? Here are some tips:

  • Keep them – disassembled boxes can be tied together with string and kept in the garage or stacked on the top of a cupboard. Who knows, maybe you will need them in the future;
  • Recycle them – if you are sure you want to get rid of the boxes, you can turn to local recycling programs that allow residents to recycle larger amounts of cardboard;
  • Sell the boxes – publish some ads to sell your used boxes via your social media profiles. Many people are looking for good quality, cheap moving boxes and local moving companies like American Moving & Storage might also be interested;
  • Donate your boxes – charity organizations, libraries, churches, schools and other organizations are constantly looking for spare boxes.
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