Do Mover Recommendations Matter?

April 16, 2020

Do Mover Recommendations Matter?a grey background with a white square and a black square

Whenever you shop for services, you should be searching for the best service provider and this is no different when you hire movers eithers. The best way to ensure that your movers are, indeed, responsible and trustworthy is to hire them based on recommendations that come either from online sources, such as review websites, forums or mover websites or from word of mouth. Here is why mover recommendations do matter:

  • Personal experiences are the most relevant – when people share their opinions about local movers Denver has, either online or when you meet them personally, they will tell you stories about the moving companies that they used, allowing you to decide for yourself whether the mover they are talking about is what you need;
  • Professional recommendations are also available – movers are regularly rated by professional bodies, such as the American Moving and Storage Association. Their ratings are publicly available and can be consulted to see how well a specific moving company is faring based on measurable, professionally established criteria;
  • You can ask the movers themselves to show you references – the best movers surely have many, so ask them to show their portfolio of references and take your time to read what others say about the type of service that you are planning to hire the mover for.
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