Packing Your Master Bedroom: 5 Tips for a Flawless Experience

January 18, 2022

Packing Your Master Bedroom: 5 Tips for a Flawless Experiencea grey background with a white square and a black square

When it comes to packing up portions of your home for a move, we always recommend that you start as soon as you know you are going to be moving. The idea is that with an early start, you are going to pack your items better and have this more organized. Of course, if you are interested in a full-service move, then you can hire the crew at American Moving to also pack for you...which is a huge stress reliever to most people!

With this being said, just how can you pack your master bedroom so that it will be super easy to unpack and get settled into your new home? We have a few tips and tricks to help!

5 Tips for Packing Your Master Bedroom

1. Start with the small items that you do not use every day.

This can be those décor items and trinkets that you have sitting around your master bedroom. These are items that can be packed easily since you will not need these at all before your move date.

2. Pack out-of-season clothes.

While you are still going to need your clothes for everyday living, go ahead and pack up the out-of-season clothes that you have in your closet. You will find that this is going to greatly reduce the packing that you need to do before the movers arrive. Use a wardrobe box to make this even easier to pack and unpack!

3. Hang your current wearing clothes in a wardrobe box without taping this shut.

This is a great tip for those who want to get the closets completely packed. With this idea, you can still use the clothes, wash these, and hang them back up. About twelve hours before your movers arrive, go ahead and seal up the box for moving.

4. Take stock of your closets now.

While you may be ready to pack, now is a good time to do some decluttering in your master bedroom. Do you have old clothes that are out of style that you never wear? Maybe you have some old sheets that you no longer use? These are items that you don’t really need to pack, as this just takes up extra space.

5. The last thing to do is to disassemble the bed.

You will be using your bed up until the day that you move, so this is the last thing that you need to get ready for packing. You will find that the professionals at American Moving can disassemble this for you on moving day if you do not have the desire or the tools to get this done.

Remember, when it comes to moving home, the earlier that you start, the better you will find the entire experience!

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