Tips for Keeping Your Plants Safe While You Move

November 12, 2019

Tips for Keeping Your Plants Safe While You Movea grey background with a white square and a black square

Long-distance moves are stressful for everyone involved, not only for humans, pets, and belongings, but for plants as well. If you have lots of beautiful house plants that you nourish and care for with so much love, you are probably concerned about the effects the long, uncomfortable journey to your new location might have on your plants. While the stress cannot be eliminated altogether, there are many things that you can do to prepare your plants for the road – here are some:

  • Clean your plants – start cleaning them a couple of weeks before the planned date of the move. Remove dead leaves and branches, prune the plants and remove any weeds and parasites to make sure your plant doesn’t have to waste any of its useful energy;
  • Re-plant them into plastic pots – remove your plants from heavy, fragile and valuable ceramic pots and re-plant them into lightweight, inexpensive plastic pots for the journey;
  • Try to ensure constant temperature – plants need stable temperatures to be able to thrive, so transport them in your car;
  • Ensure the suitable amount of moisture – don’t overwater your plants before they hit the road in your car or in the moving truck, but give them enough water to stay moist during the entire journey.  

If you hire American Moving & Storage you don't have to worry about moving of plants, as they usually are just moving from end of town to another and the move does not affect the plants.  However they still treat them very carefully.

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