Tips to Keep Your Pets Calm During Your Move

December 24, 2019

Tips to Keep Your Pets Calm During Your Movea grey background with a white square and a black square

Even if moving to another home with your pet is an exciting perspective for you, the pet is not very happy, you can be sure about this. By relocating, pets lose their normal environment, their territory, and common landmarks. In time, they adapted to the respective place and strictly delimited their space marking all the objects they had access to the bed, the armchairs, the cabinets, the walls, etc. Thus, the house or apartment has become their territory, and they will have a hard time getting used to another place.

Pet owners commonly say that their animals have experienced some level of stress during and after the relocation process:

  • they followed their owner wherever he/ she went
  • they slept in the owner's room
  • they had accidents through the new house
  • they were fearful
  • they cried more
  • they scratched or destroyed things

Under these conditions, you should do certain things to keep your pet calm during your move. First, leave a few familiar things in a room, until the last day of the move. In this way, the little soul will have his place even when everything else is packed out. Also, make sure you spend more time with him, and I know it sounds silly, but talk to them, let them know everything is okay and we're moving to a new home. You could even take him through the new neighborhood and walk him a few times through the new house, even before you move there completely, to make the new environment a bit more familiar.  On move day, hire the best movers in Denver to conduct the move, while you are at your new place with your pets.

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