10 Items To Evaluate Before Moving

December 20, 2021

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When moving, we always talk about how to make sure that you are packing everything and have a super organized move. However, at the same time, we talk about decluttering because there is no reason to move items that you are not going to use at your new home! With this being said, we have the top 10 items that you need to look at, evaluate, and may decide to donate rather than move.

Top 10 Items to Evaluate Before Moving

1. Clothing

How many closets of clothing do you have? And chances are you do not wear half of these. Take the time to go through and only pack and move those that you actively wear. Otherwise, you are wasting your time in packing these!

2. Bulky items

Do you have unused bulky items like old computers, VHS players, etc? If you do, why move these. You will find that ridding yourself of these bulky items can save you a lot of room on the truck.

3. Papers

By all means, keep important papers like marriage certificates, birth certificates, financial records, etc. But, if you find that you have a ton of papers that are not important, then there is no need to move these, instead toss these.

4. Bathroom items

When you go to the bathroom, chances are you will find items that are easy to replace with new if you so choose. There is no need to move half-empty bottles of body wash after all.

5. Old furniture

If you know that you are getting new furniture, then by all means ditch the old furniture. You will find that many charities are interested in accepting gently used furniture, so check out what charities you have in your area to choose from.

6. Garage junk

We all are guilty of putting items into our garage that we think we may use later, but simply forget about these. When it comes to narrowing down what to take from the garage, take a look at if you have used it in the past year, if not, then you are going to find that you are probably safe in donating or tossing these items.

7. Appliances

In some cases, people take their appliances with them when moving. However, if you are one of those people that have to take these appliances with you but know that you are going to buy new ones in your new home, then donate these or sell them to those who may be in need of gently used appliances.

8. Household items

What items around your home just gather dust? If they are gathering dust and have no real meaning to you, then there is no need to move these with you.

9. Bedding

If you find that your bedding has seen the best of its days, then why pack this up if you need to replace it? Often when moving, people are eager to start fresh, and bedding is a small way in which you can do this!

10. Vehicles

For those who are moving cross-country, this is the type of item that may be something that they need to consider. Moving a vehicle is not a small expense. Many people decide that their old cars are not worth moving across the country. Of course, this is a personal decision to make!

Remember, when it comes to moving, the less that you move the lower the cost of the move. Here at American Moving & Storage, we offer packing and moving services to make your move that much easier. And we can even give you some help on items that you may need to look into donating or tossing!

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