10 Tips to Ease Your Office Move

January 5, 2022

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When it comes time for an office move, many business owners dread all that goes with this. From finding the new location to letting customers know, there are tons of things that are on your list to do before a business move.

With this being said, we want to give ten tips for all business owners so that they can make this business move as easy as possible!

Office Move: 10 Tips to Remember

  1. Get a plan! Start with a plan that is going to outline everything that needs to get done. The more in-depth the plan, the better you will handle this move.
  2. Get a mover on board now! Believe it or not, during the month of January to the springtime, many businesses take this time to move to a new location. So, you don’t want to wait to find the mover that is going to handle your move. Remember, with American Moving you will find that you can easily get a quote online and we can handle this commercial move with professionalism and put your needs first!
  3. Make a team of employees who are going to handle different aspects of the move. You do not need to handle this all on your own, as that is how things slip through the cracks.
  4. Take the time to note items that are not going to your new location. If there are items that are in good shape that can be sold or donated, make sure to do this before movers arrive.
  5. If you have items that you rented for the office, then be sure to get with the rental agency about them picking these up and moving them. If you let your hired movers handle this it could void some agreement in your rental contract, so be sure to check it out.
  6. Go ahead and start letting your customers know about this move. You can announce this on social media, send out a newsletter, and post a sign on the physical door to let people know about where you will be moving and the date of this move.
  7. Be sure that when it comes time to physically move the office that you choose to move on a day that is considered less busy during your workweek. This way, it doesn’t impact too much of your business.
  8. It is not unheard of to start planning your move six months or more before the big day. While many household moves are planned about two months in advance, an office move is going to be a bit more involved and have more moving parts.
  9. Make sure that you have all employees remove any and all personal effects from the office. These are not something that you want to move since they are personal belongings and you do not want to be responsible for these items.
  10. Have a floor plan of your new office location and have an idea of where items are going to go. This is going to make the move-in process a bit smoother for you and your movers.

Get a Quote Today for Your Business Move

For those who are getting ready for an office move or are thinking about an office move happening sometime this year, these tips are meant to make it a bit more organized and easier for you. Remember, American Moving & Storage is here for all your office move needs! Get a quote today and start your business move off right!

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