Dealing with Snow and Ice in a Move

December 8, 2021

Dealing with Snow and Ice in a Movea grey background with a white square and a black square

While many people are predicting a very mild winter here in Colorado, it is still important to realize what you need to do when snow and ice may be involved with your move! These are two of Mother Nature’s issues that you have to contend with when moving during certain times in Colorado. Luckily, here at American Moving, we are more than ready to deal with any snow and ice that may be trying to ruin your move!

Items You Need to Prepare for Snow and Ice

There are several items that you may need to be prepared for the snow and ice that is invading your area while trying to move. These include:

  • A snow shovel
  • Warm layers to avoid getting cold
  • Salt to ensure the ice stays off the sidewalk
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves while dealing with this!

How to Prepare for Snow and Ice

While there is not much that you can do to prepare for snow and ice, there are things that you can do after these hits to help your move go a little more smoothly. Here are our tips to help any move that is dealing with snow and ice!

  1. You may not be able to control when the city comes by and scrapes your road, but you can control your own driveway. For the moving trucks to get to your home, they are going to need a pathway to get to the home. Thus, do your best to ensure that the driveway is cleared out for the truck to get to your home.
  2. Use salt to ensure that the sidewalk going up to the door that the movers will be using is as free from ice as you can make it. This way there are no chances of slips and falls happening from the ice.
  3. Keep towels on the floor at the entrance into your home to avoid snow and ice melting into the water on the floor. Not only will this affect the floor, but it can make for some slippery conditions for everyone involved
  4. Be ready to with your snow shovel throughout the day if this is continuing to fall. You want to keep your walkways as clear as possible.

The good news is that when you hire American Moving & Storage to handle your move, we are prepared for snow and ice, so you are in good hands!

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