Tips for Moving in Colorado this Winter

February 4, 2020

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Winter Time Move Moving Company

Winter is the most difficult period of the year in Colorado – the Centennial State is known for its harsh winters that come with heavy snowing, slippery roads and freezing weather. These conditions make relocation projects more difficult, too – if you cannot postpone the move until the weather turns warm, here is how to tackle special winter conditions:

  • Be flexible – even if you have the date of the move set with your movers, you might need to postpone it if there is a snowstorm announced or the roads are blocked;
  • Protect your floors – the moving process involves lots of coming and going in your old home, so it is a good idea to cover your floors with foil and cardboard to reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do when the home is empty;
  • Get the utilities in your old home turned off only on your last day – you will need water, electricity and heating during your moving day, too;
  • Get the utilities in your new home up and running by the time you arrive – having heating, electrical current and running water when you get to your new location is also important. You can probably do without an internet connection and cable TV, but ideally, you should have them on your first night, too. Find some of the best help through American Moving & Storage.
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